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Chef, restaurateur, gourmet. It is hard to keep up with him - now he is here, in a moment he is gone. He feels at home everywhere in the world, constantly hungry for people, new experiences and challenges. A man of action, he doesn't feel sorry or sad because, as he says, "there's no time for that", but in worse moments he rolls up his sleeves and acts. Driven by litres of espresso.


He describes himself as a "typical peasant", not very romantic, does not praise a lot, rarely says he loves. He shows his feelings by cooking and feeding according to the principle "through the stomach to the heart".

His cuisine, based on the highest quality ingredients, has its admirers, and hungry guests flock to each new place he opens.

He believes that the kitchen is a magical place where everything is possible. He likes homemade slow food, especially meats prepared by his mother and grandmother in the family home, calling them "love bombs". Of all the soups in the world, he will choose cucumber soup, but only with potatoes. He will not eat a dessert, but he will never say “no” to a cup of thick coffee. He jokes in conversations that he is a real "French dog", but thanks to that he serves only the best. Unusual, unobvious flavour combinations that turn heads, put the taste buds on alert and leave you longing for more are his calling card.


A follower of the principle that if you succeed in life better than others, you need to build a longer table, not a higher fence. And to his latest one, in Warsaw's Powiśle district, you are invited daily from the morning to the night (even very late).

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