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Historically, the building of the DOCK19 Restaurant by Mateusz Gessler housed a caisson, which for over 100 years cooled the turbines in the engine room with water from the Vistula River. Therefore, these two elements - water and electricity - became the starting points of the design process.


Thanks to the preservation of the post-industrial character of the space, in the current interior you will see the once working cranes, industrial hooks and electrical installation, which we have provided with a second life.

The colour scheme of the restaurant is defined by the shades of water at any time of day, and the shape of the building is a loose association with a ship, on board of which we take you on a cruise through the flavours of two continents.  

However, we wouldn't be ourselves if there wasn't a surrealistic element in the interior, deviating from the main theme. In this case it is an installation inspired by the gate to the funfair.

This is what lights up the interior in the evenings, putting you in a club mood.

Bar Gessler Restauracje Rooftop


This is where most of the action takes place – this is where the selection of the perfect table is underway, this is where the waiters' paths cross, this is where the appetite-inducing aromas waft to the tables, this is where you'll hear the ongoing debates about what to try, what to order and which wine to choose... it can be crowded and noisy, but it's always delicious!


We have 60 seats for you here.




If you like eating out, but winter and low temperatures drive you indoors - we have the solution! We would like to invite you to our winter garden, which was created in a glazed loggia especially for lovers of beautiful sceneries.


Our garden can accommodate up to 80 people.


Rooftop in DOCK19

Everyone likes to have a good view. We have a view of one of the nicest buildings in Warsaw, the Copernicus Science Centre, which is well worth a visit.

We are not minimalists, so we decided that the terrace should comfortably accommodate 100 people.



The loudly beating heart of the restaurant - the cocktail bar.

Here you can sip cocktail classics or trust the master bartenders and try their perfect, original mixes. We believe that creating cocktails and drinks is an art, which you can enjoy with us all days of the week. Our chatty bartenders will make sure to create a comfortable atmosphere where you feel special.


We can seat 20 people comfortably at the bar.

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